Data is what PCs are all about
Wether it's photographs, music or business files, they are all data files that you'll want to keep.
We offer a number of data services to keep all your important files safe

Transfer To New PC

If you've just bought a new PC or laptop we can move over your documents/emails/pictures etc to your new toy.
Additionally the programs can be moved over (dig out the install discs!) and we can setup the printer too.
Need your documents synced to the iPad or smart phone? No problem - give us a ring!

Data Removal

Thinking of disposing of your PC or offering it to a friend or recycling it?


Data on your PC can be recovered if someone is determined enough, even after you think you have removed the files or wiped it clean by reinstalling the operating system.
Don't take the chance on someone recovering your spreadsheets or on-line banking details from your old PC.
Give us a ring and we can remove the drive from the PC so you can be assured there is no personal information left on the computer before you dispose of it.

Data Recovery

PC or laptop refusing to boot?
Deleted some files by accident?
Broken the memory stick when it was in the side of the laptop?
We can help you recover data when it has gone missing.
Best thing is not to use the computer or drive if you have recently lost a file as we may be able to recover it if the space where it used to be is not re-used.
Turn it off and contact us for help.

Data Backups

Most computing activities revolve around data.
General rule of thumb is - if you don't back it up you won't mind if you loose it.
We can plan your backup stratety from simple memory sticks to full off-site backups and the use of the "cloud" as a backup also.
We'll ensure that all your important information is safe if you ever have a disaster.
It is vital to test the backups too - you may think you are backing up everything OK, but it's important to review it on a regular basis.
Give us a ring to ensure your peace of mind.